IMV Business Provides Business Training, Implementation,
Support & Consulting For Ontario And BC Businesses.

We have a highly trained team of Digital Marketing experts, specializing in Traffic and Conversion Funnels.

Whether you want to; increase traffic, tackle Facebook Ads, build high converting sales funnels, increase targeted leads, close more sales, automate fulfillment, customize a system for your sales team or simply trounce the competition, we have a team of super motivated and highly trained professionals who have plenty of experience with marketing, sales and fulfillment.

We've built incredibly complex marketing campaigns, e-commerce websites, hypnotic landing pages and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads. Simply put, we've got the expertise you're seeking for any sized project. And one of our core values is: we honour our commitments. If your desired outcome can be measured, we'll reach it or exceed it.

We Provide:

1. Training on how to do market research and identify your target audience (2 Weeks). How to systematically comb the Internet to uncover your avatar and the different buyer profiles, your audience demographics, psychological development and where they reside online. This will help you create better marketing messages that speak directly to your perfect customer and get them to take action.

2. Training on how to use Facebook Ads to generate qualified leads (2 Weeks). How to set up successful Facebook Ad Campaigns by selecting the right interests and calculating the correct KPI for maximum clicks and conversions. This will help you make better advertising decisions and where to focus your hard-earned cash to get the greatest return.

3. Training for Sales Funnel creation and implementation (4 Weeks). How to build complex automated sales funnels that take a lead through the entire sales process and into fulfillment. How to actually build lead capture pages that convert leads and how to segment those leads immediately into the proper funnel. If you do not segment your leads then you are using the one-size-fits-all approach to marketing which hasn't worked in several years.

To be perfectly transparent, our courses contain elements that most courses do not. Not just in information but in the delivery method. In fact our courses are rich in content but even richer in context. It's not "what you learn," it's "how you learn it that matters."

Context is the framework from which all learning springs. The context of delivery is what we've learned how to do in the 10 years that we've been training over 10,000 people. Our context includes but is not limited to: real-world exercises and applications, high level business discussions instead of lectures, frequent one-on-one feedback, video recordings for review, online on-demand video training, HD live stream training from our modern training center... I could go on and on, but if anyone truly gets training, we "get" training.

Our Course Layout & Pricing

What's Next? Well ... Hands down, the best thing for you to do now is click here to book a 60 min. appointment to discuss not only how we can help you grow your business with advanced digital marketing and sales training, but how we can work with you in a more formal relationship. We'd love the opportunity to build you your very own lead capture and conversion machine, and we love to train you not just on how we did it, but how to use it, optimize it and monetize it.

You're looking for a return on your investment right? Then talk to us. There's no obligation to talk to us. We'll answer your questions. We'll talk about what opportunities there are for your company and how we can help you train a highly effective marketing, sales and fulfillment team.


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Are you looking for a speaker for your association, meeting or conference?

Perhaps you already have speakers come into your organization for lunch time talks, or you organize breakfast meetings and are looking for someone a little different. Maybe you don't do anything on a regular basis but would like a one off boost. Whatever your needs we can probably create something specifically to meet your outcomes.

Ivan Ho is a dynamic, highly entertaining interactive professional speaker your audience will love who has given keynote addresses and training sessions for more than seven years. When you invite Ivan to be a business speaker at your event, you know you're booking a polished professional with plenty of business and digital marketing wisdom and savvy.

Ivan brings enthusiasm, insight, and energy to his presentations. In the years that he has been a professional speaker and a coach, he has delivered powerful messages to thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Ivan's high-impact, dynamic entertaining style moves people to action.


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